Makeup Artist & Hairdresser

Marion Lee

Personal Information

Elwood, Vic. 3184
+61 408 748 128

Work Experience

Type of Business



1983 - 1989


Retail Assistant and Store Manager


Fresh from school and not really knowing what I wanted for a career I started working as a Retail Assistant in a One Hour Photo Processing Store. Initially the retail chain was called Fotomart and later became Rabbit Photo in Adelaide.

Training was a big part of the company culture and I was lucky to have regular weekly training sessions in customer service, staff management, stock inventory and merchandising as well as the technical side of developing photos from negatives. After a couple of years I was promoted to Store Manager, initially starting in a small store and eventually leading a team of 12, including permanent and casual stuff. I learnt some great skills and during this time and believe they helped me in my second career as a Makeup Artist and Hairdresser.

Type of Business



January 1990 - Present


Hair & Makeup Artist


I started my career as a Hair and Makeup Artist at Channel 9 in Adelaide, and have since worked as a Freelancer on numerous productions in a variety of roles in Makeup and Hair Departments in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.

I am confident leading a small teams as well as fulfilling supporting roles depending on the job requirements. Working for more than 30 years in the Entertainment Industry has taught me how to work with various types of personalities, be flexible and to adapt new situations quickly.

Over the years I have honed the practical skills of Makeup and Hairdressing, which also includes Wig Work and Special Effects. However a large part of my work has also included management of people, stock, scheduling and continuity supervision and has been as much a part of my role as well as the creative side. It is an area I also enjoy, as I believe if this side can run efficiently, the creative side is so much easier and fun.