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Your Preparation before makeup application and/or hairstyling service.

Allow plenty of time and space. Making sure your makeup artist and/or hairdresser have enough time to create the looks you want makes the day so much more enjoyable for you and them.

But it’s essential that I, my work area and kit is thoroughly cleansed and sanitised in between each service and that a well lit and un-crammed space close to a power outlet is provided. If this isn’t possible in your home, consider booking your service in a salon that can provide this.

If you are booking your services at home, there also needs to be time allowed setting up the workspace and packing everything away. Generally speaking, allow for 5-10 mins between each service and 20 mins for setting up and 20 mins for packing up.

Be ready with a clean and lightly moisturised face before makeup application and have your hair freshly washed and roughly dried on the morning of your event if you are getting your hair styled.

If you are having a fake tan this should be applied at least one day before the event and any waxing or other beauty procedures completed one week beforehand so you have the best chance of a smooth finish. Hair colours, perming or straightening procedures should be done a week beforehand as well. It is also wise if you have tested all these services in the months beforehand to avoid any surprises that will be hard to fix quickly.

Should I Have a Makeup and Hair Trial?

I often get asked this question and my answer is - If you have the budget it’s worth investing in a trial for makeup and hair before your wedding.

A trial will help you consolidate your ideas and help you define the look you want. It will also make your wedding day that much more enjoyable when you know exactly what to expect from your hair and/or makeup artist. - And let’s be honest, you will be able find out whether your makeup artist or hairdresser is the one for you!

Expect to pay for a trial with any true professional. You are making use of their valuable time, products and years of knowledge and training, just like any other professional you would hire.

Allow an hour for each service, plus a 15 minute consultation. This will give us time to exchange ideas and make adjustments to what has been created for you so you can walk away feeling confident in how you will look on your wedding day. I believe more time should be spent on your trials than what will be spent on your makeup and hair on your wedding day. It’s all about preparation, much the same as the weeks you will spend preparing for your wedding so that one special day runs as smoothly as possible.

All that being said, I am happy to do your makeup and/ or hair on your wedding day without a trial beforehand, but allow an extra 15 minutes or so for a consultation.

Getting the Most out of Your Trial

During your trial we discuss your ideas and I work with you to come up with a makeup and/or hairstyle that brings out the best in you and suits your style. Have some photos of what you like. If you can, show me some pictures of your dress and hair accessories. This will help me quickly get a feel for your style and a clear idea of where to start, allowing more time for the makeup application or hairstyling.

Once we have completed your look, I'll take some photos and record the products I have used so it can be replicated on the day without any issue. 

Feel free to bring a friend or family member for a second opinion. And if you can, book your trial on a day when you can try on your dress to really get a feel for how it is all going to come together.

Some other tips for the day.

Everyone wants the day to be as stress free a possible. And because it’s such a precious time to spend with your friends and family it makes sense to be ready a little early to enjoy a champagne or some extra photos with your maids and family rather than working up a sweat trying get ready quickly.

Aim for your makeup and hair to be completed around 15-20 minutes before you want to get dressed. This time usually depends on when your photographer arrives or when you want to leave.

Don’t forget to pack some tissues, and if you do cry, blot like a lady! I use waterproof mascara and water resistant products, but that doesn’t mean they wont rub off. If you’re the shiny type or it’s a hot day, pack some blotting paper or pressed powder. 

Lastly, you will need to retouch your lip colour from time to time, as it’s a long day with lots of kissing, eating and drinking involved. So have some lip colour on standby with you. You can also purchase mini touch up kits from me on the day if you need.

Here’s a checklist of things that are handy throughout the day.

Essentials to keep close by for the event -

Lipstick for retouching
Compact powder or powder paper for blotting away shine
A small pack of tissues

Little extras to have where you’re getting ready or at the venue that might get you out trouble at the last minute-

Hair spray and extra bobby pins
Band-Aids and/or shoe gels
Needle and thread,
Safety pins
Nail glue, nail file and polish
Herbal remedy for nerves
Hollywood tape