Wedding Day Tips

Tips for the Big Day

Leave 45 minutes per person for makeup and around 60 minutes for your hairstyles. I am happy to do your makeup and hair on your wedding day without a trial beforehand, but allow an extra 10- 15 minutes for a consultation.

Generally, it is good to aim for your makeup and hair to be completed around 15- 30 minutes before you want to get dressed, and this time usually depends on when your photographer arrives or when you want to leave.

Don’t forget to pack some tissues, and if you do cry, blot like a lady! I use waterproof mascara and water resistant products, but that doesn’t mean they wont rub off. If you’re the shiny type or it’s a hot day, pack some blotting paper or pressed powder.

Lastly, you will need to retouch your lip colour from time to time, as it’s a long day with lots of kissing, eating and drinking involved. So have some lip colour on standby with you.

Makeup and Hair Tips for your Wedding Day.

Allow plenty of time. Making sure your makeup artist and or hairdresser have enough time to create the looks you want makes the day so much more enjoyable for you and them.

Everyone wants the day to be as stress free a possible and it such a precious time to spend with your friends and family, so why not make the most of it? It makes sense to be ready a little early to enjoy champagne or some extra photos with your maids and family rather than work up a sweat trying to quickly get ready and on your way.

Here’s a small checklist of things to have on hand throughout the day.

Essentials to keep close by

  • Lipstick for retouching
  • Compact powder or powder paper for blotting away shine
  • A small pack of tissues
  • Mints

Little extras to have where you’re getting ready that might get you out trouble at the last minute-

  • Hair spray and extra bobby pins
  • Band-Aids and/or shoe gels
  • Needle and thread,
  • Safety pins
  • Nail glue, nail file, and polish
  • Herbal remedy for nerves
  • Hollywood tape
  • Deodorant

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