Wedding Makeup Styles


This is a picture of my model Sam before any Makeup and Hair styling - how she arrived at the studio. It’s clear to see she is a natural beauty.

In the following photos I hope to demonstrate one of the things I love doing… creating different looks for people but while also not covering up or massively changing who they are.

Just letting their great natural features shine through and be enhanced.


A great casual and carefree look. This is a great option for a beach or garden wedding.

I used natural colours and shades to enhance my model’s health and beauty and applied a foundation that doesn’t hide the skin - only evening out.

Casually styled in tune with how the hair naturally behaves. Hair accessories could also include a flower wreath. Or perhaps think of a beautiful clip or accessory, to pin your hair to the side or ½ up if you are worried about it getting in the way.


For those who love traditional and timeless style. A groomed, clean and crisp makeup and hair design.

This is a good choice for those who want a bit more than a natural look. There is a little more coverage with the foundation. Eye, cheek and lip colours used are still in natural hues, but there is a bit more depth to them to add some more definition. I've also added individual fake lashes on the outer corners of the eyes to finish it off. Softly glowing look... a little shimmer.

A simple, not too fussy style defines this. It can be finished off with a veil and/or tiara or other accessories. Piled up curls or up-styled in a smooth, simple bun or twist, are some of the numerous styles that can suit this category.


A wonderful revival of old Hollywood glamour. Here is one modern interpretation of this old school look.

A fine powdery matt finish is typically used for a Retro feel. Top lashes are defined with some extra fake lashes and a sweep of black eyeliner.
Finishing off with” soft – bold” red lips

Big soft waves and curls, either up or down, complement this look perfectly. Why not add a beautiful flower somewhere or a vintage accessory?

Smokey Sophistication

A tried and true look, something that works particularly well for evening events.

Using a good coverage foundation, teamed with “Smokey” eyes for a sultry look that is complemented with creamy nude lips and a little shimmery glow. Lashings of mascara complete this look. Extra fake lashes can also add dimension here if necessary.

For this photo I created a textured Up-style, but a many hairstyles would work well with this look, so set your imagination loose!

Modern Glam

For women who enjoy some of the latest fashion trends.

A creamy foundation, and eyes with the latest high shimmer shadow add a modern zing to this look, teamed with a great bold lip coloure

I've added some hair extensions to give extra volume and length to our model's hair. Incorporating a plait or twist can add another dimension to this without getting too fussy. But again, anything goes with this look.

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